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At The Pod, our priority is to create a safe, happy and relaxed environment where children can play, make new friends and have some fun before school, after school, and during the holidays.

Our passionate team is here to ensure your child is happy and having fun! Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of all school kids aged 5-12 years, while providing flexibility and peace of mind to you, our busy parents. 

So, whether you’re a working parent or just want something different for your children after school or during the holidays, we’d love your kids to come join us.

We have Before School, After School and Holiday Programmes.

Here is a sample of our Before School Programme: For those parents who have to start the day a little bit earlier, our Before School care service is where children can have some breakfast, relax with some quiet activities and get safely dropped off at school by Pod staff. If you’re a commuting parent with a train to catch to Wellington, we are located in Greytown, an eight minute drive to Woodside Station. We provide a school drop-off by van to most local schools in the South Wairarapa.

The Pod

23 - 25 Wood Street


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