A Greytown mainstay for over 20 years, the Main Street Deli underwent a substantial renovation in 2015, bringing a whole new lease of life to one of the Village’s finest eating establishments.

Owners Nick and Lufi Thomson have a delectable assortment of custom-created cabinet food, deli delights, beautiful breakfast and luscious lunch menus on offer.

Well versed chef, Lufi, is assisted by two additional expert chefs, a talented baker and artisan deli pie maker to craft the exciting menu selections. Salads are also a popular lunch takeaway.

A vast range of beers and wines are available to be enjoyed indoors or within the securely fenced, child and leashed pet-friendly garden area. Visit today for a gourmet taste of one of Greytown’s best.

Main Street Deli & Apartment 88

88 Main St


06 304 9022