With a superbly minimalist aesthetic, Hall clothing prides itself on its wearability for women of all shapes and ages, with sizes ranging from 10-24 (XS-4XL). 

The brainchild of Wairarapa-born designer, Lorraine Hall, the range is defined by strong yet simple shapes, natural fibres and iconic graphics. Hall garments flatter and enhance. They are sexy without being ostentatious; directional yet timeless. 

Exquisite, custom-designed, contemporary, casual women’s clothing is supported by exemplary labels including Chocolat, Obi, FDJ jeans, Blunt umbrellas, Silkbody, Elk clothing, accessories and handbags, Mooi bags, Herb Farm skincare, Karen Murrell lipsticks, Front Row Society scarves and Birdie Cashmere.

Visit the flagship store and workroom to experience Scandinavian simplicity allied with natural materials and sustainable design practices. 

Hall New Zealand

132 Main Street


06 304 8253