Botanical Tales

As we head into the last month of winter, my eyes are continually scanning for those first signs of Spring. I adore that first white roadside blossom, the yellow daffodils exploding out, and the sound of newborn lambs is the ultimate sign that Spring is on the way. For me, I start looking at the garden, and it takes just a sunny weekend to get those green thumbs itching. Not that I need a good excuse to purchase some new gardening tools or visit a plant nursery. If you are like me and love a bit of dirt under your nails, I've hunted down some unique things found in Greytown for those fellow gardeners.

But don't worry, if gardening isn't your thing, I've found some great products for the house plant lovers and those who would just like a bit of spring colour indoors.

Stylish Terrariums

Visit Hall for these beautiful and stylely plant terrariums. They come in three different sizes 15, 35 and 55 liters. All you need is soil and a selection of small indoor plants for an attractive alternative to house plants.

Grand accessories at Grand Illusions

Another easy way to add glamour to your garden is with accessories. Grand Illusions is a botanically-inspired decorative garden sculpture and homewares store with exclusive pieces. Chat to the very knowledgeable Craig Thorburn. Craig is a landscape designer and has won numerous awards he now offers a landscaping design concept service.

FreshChoice Seedlings

Did you know that FreshChoice has a range of vegetable and flower seedlings? Located in the fresh grocery department, you will find a fantastic selection of seasonal seedlings for your home garden.

A bit of in a vase

How about a little of Spring inside with some fresh flowers for your home? Every Friday The Offering has a delivery of fresh flowers in time for your weekend. Sourced from a local florist using locally grown flowers you can purchase your little bit of Greytown in a vase.

Back to the Barebones

 Blackwell and Sons are not just classy bicycles; they also have a beautiful collection of accessories for the keen gardener. Check out these Barebones spade and cultivator rake.

The spade works quickly and comfortably through both soft soil and rough ground. Ideal for digging, turning and spreading soil, prepping beds, and planting seedlings, the spade is constructed with an ergonomic, stainless steel blade and comfortable handle: a duo worthy and capable of a lifetime of use.

The robust tines of the cultivator rake through dense, rocky soil and remove weeds with ease. Its durable handle makes for easy clearing and grooming, while its stainless steel tines ensure years of heavy and efficient use.
Starting from $49

Blackwells diptych.png

Everlasting florals

 Like something to last for a few months?
Nirvana Interiors, at the north of Greytown, are your go-to specialists for artificial flowers and arrangements. They can put together a design for you with a vase and flowers, or bring your own vessel and they can make an arrangement to match your home decor. 

Nirvana dip[tych.png

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