What does New Zealand, Ireland, Chile, and Austria all have in common?
It would be The Greytown Hotel or what the locals affectionately call The Top Pub.

The Greytown Hotel is located just a short stroll north of the village centre. It boasts as being one of New Zealand's oldest hotels and oozes in old world charm of a traditional kiwi pub. The historic bar is a perfect place for a quiet pint or a great place to meet for a night out with friends.

Kiwi-born owner Tony and Irish partner Ursula pride themselves in a perfectly poured pint with a mix of authentic Irish and Kiwi hospitality. Tony learned his beer pouring craft in Cork and Dublin (so pouring a good pint is guaranteed) and Ursula's Irish roots bring together the authentic atmosphere of a real Public House.  

With old school country inn accommodation, it is the perfect place for road trip stopover or a weekend getaway.

Since being in the good hands of Tony and Ursula, the Hotel has become known for fine dining in their newly rebranded restaurant the '1860 Restaurant', (A nod to the age of the hotel).

Their focus is to bring market-fresh, seasonal dishes to your table. Chefs, Mike (originally from Austria) and Alejandra (from Chile), source their fresh ingredients from local markets, butchers and fish merchants.

All dishes are prepared from start to finish in their kitchen, from baking bread, pasta making to curing meats, incorporating the techniques and cooking styles that Mike and Alejandra have learned during their travels.

You can expect a truly international experience, with Mike from Austria, Alejandra from Chile, alongside the Irish/Kiwi owners Tony and Ursula.

+ The perfectly poured pint in the historic bar
+ Meeting the locals
+ Enjoy regular music gigs
+ Old school affordable accommodation on site
+ Fresh, innovative fare with an ever-changing Chefs Choice menu
+ A short stroll from the village centre

The Greytown Hotel – The Top Pub
33 Main Street
06 304 9138 
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