August Winter Warmers

Not long folks until spring hits us with the promise of warmer weather.  But in the meanwhile here are our top picks to beat the winter blues and to keep your heart and soul warm and toasty while in Greytown.


1.  Schocolate Stirrers

Schoc's Schocolate Stirrers are bliss in a mug. Just heat up a mug of hot milk, place in and stir.

They have five flavours to choose from  Dark, Peppermint, Orange & Geranium, Cardamom, Chilli. Available instore and online.



2. Go Go bags

Merino Kids Go Go Bag is the Number 1 recommended baby sleep bag in New Zealand. These Ethically-sourced, 100% superfine merino help children sleep better, longer and safer, and are a natural choice for better sleep. 



3. Fish 'n' Chip Friday

Nothing beats comfort food to uplift the spirits. 

How about trying The Offering's fish 'n' chips with two pieces of crispy battered fish, hot chips with a side tartar sauce and salad.  Only available on Fridays! 

offering fish chip.jpg


4. Pizza night

Salute has the cure for the mid-week slump with PIZZA, PINTS & PINOT GRIGIO.

For a limited time, when you come in for Wednesday lunch or dinner, you'll be able to enjoy any pizza plus a tap beer, cider or glass of Pinot Grigio for only $25. 

salute pizza.jpg

5. Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage from Alluminus Beauty Therapy is just what the doctor ordered. It will warm you right to your core and give you a blissful sense of tranquillity.  

hot stone massage.jpg


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