6 must do's when in Greytown this autumn

Autumn is a great time to visit Greytown with plenty to do while enjoying the warm autumnal temperatures. Here are our top autumn must-do activities while visiting New Zealand's most beautiful small town this season.


1. Try our locally grown apples.

Greytown is known for its beautiful fruit orchards with some orchards stretching back three generations. Now's the time to taste the best locally grown apples Greytown has to offer. Get yours direct from the orchard shops or try Fresh Choice Greytown for new season New Zealand apples.

2. Take in the autumn colours

Greytown was the first New Zealand town to celebrate Arbor day resulting in some stunning deciduous trees spotted around the town. Walk the beautiful avenue of lime trees at the Soldiers Memorial Park. Take in the autumn colours while enjoying tapas at Salute or just sit under the pin oaks outside the Town Centre while the kids enjoy a leaf fight

3. Warm up with a hot chocolate

After your leaf fight, why not enjoy a delicious hot chocolate from the French Baker, with marshmallows of course!  Better have one of Rusty's pastries to go with it.

4.  Shop the latest autumn fashion

Visit Hall for this season's new looks in knitwear and accessories by Elk, Cable and Birdie Cashmere.  Lorraine and her dedicated team are always at the ready to help you put that new season look together.

5. Cycle the rail trail

Autumn is a perfect time to cycle the rail trail, forage a handful field mushrooms on the way!  But first pop into Blackwell and Son's for all your cycling accessory needs.

6.  Take it all in

Last of all, enjoy the slower pace and wind down.  Autumn always has that laid back feel, so with all the summer activities over and winter looming ahead, enjoy the warm and peacefulness this season has to offer.  All the better while enjoying a glass of local wine on the sunny deck at the White Swan and watch the sun go down.

Leave a comment telling us your favourite autumn activity where ever you may be.