Meet the Locals: Adam Blackwell, Purveyor of Fine Bicycles

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Adam Blackwell is the proprietor of Blackwell & Sons, a very  a e s t h e t i c  bicycle shop in the heart of Greytown's Main Street which stocks gorgeous Pashley vintage-look bicycles straight out of The Sartorialist's wildest dreams. Adam is also a driving force behind the campaign to unite Greytown business owners and reinvigorate the local economy.

I first visited Greytown as a kid- my parents used to bring me here. Then one day Millie and were browsing the paper, and we saw this great house, and we knew straight away we had to have it! It was 2012. 

We figured this town was the perfect place for a bicycle shop, and so we waited for the perfect space to open up. It was the perfect antidote for the other things in our lives- advertising and selling software. Here, we can live the lifestyle we want to live. And with technology changing and advancing, there is absolutely no barrier to running an international business in Greytown.

I have a vision for what Greytown can be. There's no reason at all why businesses who are wanting to give their staff a better lifestyle couldn't relocate here. No downsides. No commute, no stress, no traffic. It's all about keeping it to the right scale- bike stands, not carparks. Solar panels. Keeping the environment balanced so we don't recreate what people are trying to get away from.

There's nothing I miss about Wellington. Really, nothing!

THE BEST COFFEE IN GREYTOWN IS FROM... The French Baker. Hands down.

WHEN FRIENDS VISIT GREYTOWN, I TAKE THEM... for a long lunch at the White Swan, and then to explore every nook and cranny of Main Street.

ONE THING I'D CHANGE ABOUT GREYTOWN IS... I want us to identify who we are as a town, and be united in that identity.

Have a look at the store here. 

This is part of the of the 'Meet the Locals' series, in which I'll be introducing you to the cool and creative people that make Greytown the wonderful place it is! Stay tuned for more stories...