The Best Date Spots in Greytown (For You and Your Cat)

Lets be real, 2017 hasn’t been an easy year for any of us. Between the ever looming threat of a nuclear apocalypse and the rising prices of avocados, most of us have barely had the energy to get up and get dressed in the morning. The idea of actually getting out there and going on real dates with real humans and making *shudder* small talk over a flat white is frankly horrifying.

So make the sensible choice- skip all that nonsense and head out for an afternoon of fun with someone who really loves and understands you. Your cat.

Food Forest Organics



You might think a plant-based cafe would be an odd choice to take an obligate carnivore, but you’d be wrong. The staff here are very animal friendly and there is a beautiful fenced garden out the back where your feline companion can frolic in the grass and murder butterflies to their hearts content, all while you relax in the shade and sip a chilled glass of jasmine kombucha.

There is a daily rotating menu that includes a variety of meat free soups, salads and burgers; and a cabinet with a selection of sweet cakes and slices.



The French Baker

The lovely baristas at the French Baker can whip up a no-sugar no-cocoa fluffy* your feline bae. So essentially you’re just paying for for a few spoonfuls of steamed milk, but your kitty will look so cute with a little milk moustache, so it’s totes worth it. As the name suggests, theres also an excellent array of baked goods and filled baguettes to be had here. I suggest some beverages and croissants to go and then take a stroll to our third and final human/feline date destination…

*note: cats are lactose intolerant, so only let kitty have a few sips or you’re going to be dealing with a very messy litterbox later on.

Stella Bull Park

Greytown is known for its beautiful trees and gardens, and Stella Bull Park is a perfect place to soak up some of that sweet arboreal goodness. Check out the historic oak trees, the rose gardens, and the bee garden. You and your cat can lie in the sun and gaze deeply into each others eyes. It’s the perfect way to end a day of food, fun and platonic human/animal bonding.


Got any questions about travelling in Greytown with pets? Post them in the comments!