Botanical Tales

As we head into the last month of winter, my eyes are continually scanning for those first signs of Spring. I adore that first white roadside blossom, the yellow daffodils exploding out, and the sound of newborn lambs is the ultimate sign that Spring is on the way. For me, I start looking at the garden, and it takes just a sunny weekend to get those green thumbs itching.  Not that I need a good excuse to purchase some new gardening tools or visit a plant nursery. If you are like me and love a bit of dirt under your nails, I've hunted down some unique things found in Greytown for those fellow gardeners.

But don't worry, if gardening isn't your thing, I've found some great products for the house plant lovers and those who would just like a bit of spring colour indoors.  

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Beating those Winter Blues

I am walking the children to school on a very frosty cold winters morning in Greytown. My toes are cold; my nose is cold, I can't feel my fingers, I wish I were still in bed. Then my nine-year-old son announces in a loud happy tone, "I love winter. I think it's my favourite season!" I instantly cheer up and ask him what he loves about winter.

"Frost is beautiful, and it looks like a fairyland, we are allowed hot chocolate nearly every day, I can wear my gloves, and when I breathe, I look like a dragon."

Instant happiness!

That's a nine-year-olds list of beating the winter blues, here are our top six things to warm you up this winter in Greytown Village.

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The Greytown Hotel

What does New Zealand, Ireland, Chile, and Austria all have in common?
It would be The Greytown Hotel or what the locals affectionately call The Top Pub.

The Greytown Hotel is located just a short stroll north of the village centre. It boasts as being one of New Zealand's oldest hotels and oozes in old world charm of a traditional kiwi pub. The historic bar is a perfect place for a quiet pint or a great place to meet for a night out with friends.

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5 top gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Don't forget Mum this Mother’s Day, Sunday 12th May.  

 Greytown is a fabulous place to bring mum for a relaxed brunch, lunch or dinner at one of our top cafes and restaurants.  Afterwards, she will love you forever with a shopping spree at our boutique and specialty stores. 

Or if you want to surprise her this Mother’s Day here our top five picks for that perfect gift found right here in Greytown.

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