The music on this website, “Your Town”, written and performed by Barry and Sarah Saunders, was produced by producer, composer, guitar maker Alan Galbraith in his Greytown studio.

Alan produced many of New Zealand’s major musical artists in the 1970s. He had an equally successful career in advertising before recently returning to his first love, making music. 

Now working at his home studio and workshop, Alan’s work can be heard and seen on iTunes, YouTube, and on his FoxBox Guitars Facebook site. His most recent self-produced, written and recorded album, Silverfox, was released in 2011, and is available on iTunes and through most music streaming services.

Here are a few recent tracks that demonstrate the wide range of musical styles covered in Alan’s work: 

For more information about FoxBox Guitars and Roxon Music Production, contact Alan



8 Jellicoe Street
027 496 9501